who we are

"built with care" was founded by andrew boyer.

after andrew built his own computer in the spring of his sophomore year of high school (2020), the world of computer science was opened to him.

that summer, andrew helped a couple friends build their own computers. he noticed the impact it had on them as well, and he started his own summer camp to teach kids about computers and computer security. the catch? it was virtual (due to COVID-19). while the camp taught key principals, it lacked the physical experience of computer building.

now, there is an opportunity to bring the physical experience of computer building to kids across the nation. as stated in the "built with care" mission statement, building a computer is a key step in truly understanding computing.

our goal is to bring this experience to anyone and everyone who is interested in tech, but doesn't know where to start. this is the start. build your own computer today, build your tech skill set tomorrow.